Cb 400 Engine Mods

took place between 1992 and 1999 in a variety of colors. In 1994 has the engine changes were to improve the efficiency, added a new instrumentation with tachometer fuel gauge. Carries some cb 400 engine mods significant improvements of the engine of the model with the VTEC system. While it has four valves per cylinder, 6750 RPM in flight and a door are disabled. This technology improves that keep the bass module output range and average performance at high speed, to resume operation of four valves. VTEC CB400 (spec I) also the fuel, better handling and more lightweight than Super sets 4 and a suspension. the VTEC system change 4-valve operation so begins at the 6 300 rounds through all the gears. This model has introduced some slight engine changes, HISSING and a revised Dashboard System add security, as. .